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8 Best Indoor Games Names in India: Kill Your Boredom

8 Best Indoor Games Names in India

Are you bored of your monotonous life routine? Do you want to engage yourself in some engaging activities to spend your leisure time perfectly? If yes, then you can play some amazing indoor games with your loved ones and create wonderful memories together.

Which indoor games can be played with the family members, friends and neighbors? Are you also confused about it? To ward off your confusion, we have highlighted the top 8 indoor game names along with their brief description. So, delve deep into the article and plan your leisure time accordingly.

Top 8 Indoor Games in Hindi and English

Here is the list of the best indoor game names you can play with your loved ones to create lasting memories:

1) Chess(शतरंज)

Chess, also known as a royal game, is a two-player board game that can be played with your partner. In this game, a player is required to checkmate the opponent’s king to be a winner. It is played on a board having 64 squares. These 64 squares are arranged in an 8 by 8 grid in black and white color. The game is like a battlefield which involves two armies opposite each other. Every player has 16 pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights, and eight pawns.Only one player can move his/her piece at a time.

To play this game, one must have a strong intellect, critical thinking ability and problem solving abilities. If you play this game regularly, it can lead to many benefits as it will boost creativity, increase your IQ level, and enhance your concentration ability. In addition, you will learn to be patient and become self-esteemed by playing this game.

2) Ludo(लूडो)

Ludo is also a board game that can be played between 2 to 4 people together. It is a perfect game to play with parents, siblings and friends. The game involves pieces of 4 colors(Red, Blue, Yellow, Green) and a dice. Every player needs to choose a color first and he/she will get 4 pieces in that color.

On a board, every color leads to a center path. The game will start if a player gets 6 on rolling a dice. After every roll, the player will move his/her piece on the colored path to reach the center. Those who succeed in reaching the center first will win the game. However, a player’s 4 pieces must be in the center because one cannot win the game with just one piece at the center. There are some conditions in the game as you cannot take your piece backward.

Moreover, if you roll your dice and get 6 for the three times constantly, you will lose the chance and cannot move your piece. To play this game, one must think strategically. This game will help you reduce your mental stress and boost your cognitive abilities. Moreover, you can promote bonding with your loved one by playing this game together.

3) Carrom Board(कैरम बोर्ड)

The other board game in the list of indoor game names is carrom board. This is also a multiplayer game that can be played between two to four players. This game involves coins and a striker. Coins will be placed at the center first and a striker will be handed over to the players one by one. Players need to hit the striker with the coins to push them into the holes. Players can take the coins that hit into the hole on every hit. The one who has more coins will win the game.

One must have a perfect strategy and high concentration level to play this game. Players can relish abundant benefits of playing this game as it refreshes the mind, improves attention, boosts problem-solving skills and reduces mental stress.

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4) Truth and Dare(सच और साहस)

Every gathering or party is incomplete without this game. This is the easiest yet interesting indoor game to have fun with your loved ones. Players need to sit in a circle and spin an entry bottle. When the bottle stops, it will point to a player who needs to choose from truth or dare. If a player chooses truth, others can ask him/her a question, especially a secret. However, if he/she chooses to dare, others can give him a challenging dare that he/she needs to complete.

This is a perfect game that can be played to have fun, relax your mind and create some splendid moments together. It will also boost your confidence as you will need to perform complex challenges.

5) Musical Chairs(म्युजिकल चेयर्स)

Musical chairs is a popular game in every party that is liked by almost everyone. People participate in this game by showing their complete interest. This is also a multiplayer game that can be played by more than two players.

Firstly, it is required to arrange chairs in a circular order. The number of chairs must be one less than the total number of players. Music will be played and everyone needs to work around the circle in a clockwise direction. When the music stops, everyone needs to sit on the chair immediately. The one who fails to get the chair will be eliminated. This game continues until only a single chair is left. The one who sits on the chair in the final round will win the game.

This is a perfect indoor game name that can help you have full entertainment at parties, forget about stress, feel happy and improve bonding with others.

6) Card Games(ताश के खेल)

Card games can be played with your family and close friends to spend your leisure time perfectly. There are many card games that can be played in a group such as Poker, Rummy, Crazy Eights, Old Maid, Snap, I Double It, Slapjack and so on. You can play any of these to kill your boredom. Every card game has different rules, so you need to know the rules and instructions first to play these games. The best part is that these games are kid-friendly, so you don’t need to worry about your kids while playing these games in front of them. It won’t have a negative impact on them.

By playing the card games, you can boost your concentration ability, analytical thinking, problem solving ability and memory ability.

7) Puzzles(पहेलियां)

Solving puzzles is the best way to utilize your free time wisely. It can have many health benefits as these can help you think logically and solve problems effectively. You can play puzzles either offline or online on various portals. The best puzzles that will uplift your mood are Jigsaw Puzzles, Word Puzzles, Digital Puzzles and Logic Puzzles. You can start by playing easy puzzles from the beginners level and slowly move to the moderate and advanced levels. The only rule to play puzzles is ‘Never Give Up!’. Just keep on solving the puzzles even after failure, this will improve your logical thinking.

Puzzles like word puzzles can help you boost your vocabulary as you will be able to learn new words. Moreover, these games will improve your critical thinking and problem solving abilities.

8) Never Have I Ever(मैंने कभी भी नहीं)

It is clear from the name that the player needs to tell whether he/she has done the thing ever in their life or not. Basically, players need to gather around each other and they will have a glass of shots on the table. A player will be asked a set of questions, if he has done that in his life, he will drink a glass of shot. The questions will be like ‘never have I ever told a tie, never have I ever drunk alcohol’ and so on. The shots on the table can be chili shots, lemon shots, ketchup shots and vinegar shots to make the game more interesting.


To conclude, these are the best indoor game names you can organize at home to play with your loved ones. We hope you will create some loving moments and enjoy every game to make your life interesting.



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